Conrad Sloan

The family pet


Sunny came awake to a delightful tingling of her dainty cunt, and for the first startled moment, she thought she'd napped too long in the backyard sun and was blistering again. With her tender skin, it was so easy to sunburn.

But it was only George, licking at her thighs again, acting silly as a dog could. She tried to bring her knees together, but somehow, he had gotten in between them this time; his hairy body was thick and muscled when she squeezed, and the solidity of it made a funny little thrill race up her backbone.

"George," she said lazily, "go away, George." But she didn't really mean it. His nose snuffled deeply into the swim-suit bottom she wore, and the heat of his breath increased the tingling in her snatch.

Tugging the towel down over herself, Sunny thought that it wouldn't hurt to let the crazy dog have his way, to let him lick at her pussy until he was tired of it. Besides, it felt so good. She lifted her butt and gave a wiggle that helped her slide the swim suit down, but she had to put one bare foot against George's wide chest to shove him back far enough so she could get the almost-bikini off her legs.

Quickly then, she made a tent of the big towel and spread her knees so George could stick his soft, hairy muzzle back into place over her crotch. He did it quickly, eager to get his hot, wet tongue going on her feathery-haired pussy.

Of course, she didn't mean to let him try anything else, just the hot and ticklish lapping he was always trying on her cunt. Ever since the Great Dane grew up, it seemed like he was hungry to lick her twat. And her mother was always saying, watch out for that dog, Sunny – slap him when he does that. But her mom didn't understand about the tingles.

"Ooohh!" Sunny said out loud, arching her back some as the dog licked hotly right into her pussylips. He'd never been right down to those before, and the sensation was wild, crazy. His tongue shot a wet fire up her cunt, and she began to roll her ass, the way she did when she was finger-fucking herself and getting to the point where she might come.

Maybe George would lap her snatch long enough to make her come; he seemed content to keep at it, and his tongue felt wonderful, rubbing away at her pussy like that. She wondered if her orgasm would be big, and trembled all over.

But Sunny kept her head enough to look quickly around the yard, to peer into the tall hedge that separated their backyard from the Lorimers'. She sure didn't want any of them to catch George snuffling at her pussy this way, and she spread the towel wider over his head, pretending to be wrestling with her dog.

George worked his tongue furiously into her pussy, spreading the cunt lips apart some, slurping into her hot slit and whining deep in his chest.