Roger Tigger

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Susie felt it happen as she slipped off her dress, sheer magic warmly enveloping her flesh, softening it to the bone. Her movements slowed. She dropped the dress on the bathroom laundry hamper and felt her face, her throat, her bra stretched by suddenly swollen breasts. Her nipples were hard. She slid a hand down her belly, over her panties to her crotch. It was moist.

She gazed about her blue-and-white bathroom. Nothing appeared altered. The tiles gleamed. She had scrubbed them this morning. The shower door stood open.

She had been about to shower. In the bedroom she had laid out fresh undies and a crisp summer dress. The kitchen smelled of roasting beef, to be done in an hour when husband Brian arrived home. Susie, young Mrs. Susie Fenner, was an efficient, methodical homemaker.

But magic sent fingertips languorously roving her nyloned breasts, buttery-soft caresses teasing the growing caps. She felt slinkily sensual, like a cat in heat, switching her tail and sniffing for toms. Magic? She did not believe in magic. It was sex. Her vagina was pulling, wetting. But why?

She turned to the mirror, saw cornflower-blue eyes wide, round, a blonde girl amazed at the transformation of herself. The eyes of innocence, about twelve years old, Brian had said with a sneer, her emotional growth stopped before puberty. And each time he drove his erection into her dry vagina, each time she humped desperately at him, trying to cum, and failing, she wondered. Maybe Brian was right.

But Susie was twenty, a grown woman with large, protruding breasts, and in her panties a broad fan of hair, and plump lips swelling the crotch.

She plucked at nipples like thumb-tips poking out the nylon. Lust had darkened her eyes. Heated breathing had dried her lips. A sliver of pink tongue-tip lashed out, wetting them. Brian Fenner's frigid wife saw her nostrils flare, then her hips writhing.

This was not the Susie she knew.

What was happening to her?

She curled an arm behind her back, pinched the bra hooks free. The nylon jerked, pulled by the weight of her breasts.